Welcome to GR8 Social Events we are focused on bringing people together for various types of social events. We are an internet based meet up group – you can find us by typing www.gr8.events into your internet address search bar. Currently we are geographically focused on Dublin and the surrounding areas.

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Group rules

  1. Be respectful and courteous to your fellow members and guests
  2. Dress with appropriately with style where required
  3. Remember its a social gathering, have fun and party when you can!


This is a group that anyone can join. As mentioned previously, it intends to bring people/friends together for great social events. So if you like to go to fun events where people/friends (and soon to be friends) socialise, this may be a good group for you.

The organizers will often setup events but any member can also setup events too. This site is great for organizing events such as birthday parties, group meals, nights out at your favorite bar, group visits to the cinema and getting a group together to go and see a gig.

There is a wide range of social events to take part in

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Get involved its fun


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.



Great Social Events is a trading name of

Solid Service Group LTD

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