Events Drinks and Dancing Members Card

To get your Events Drinks and Dancing card you will need to register your details and upload an appropriate picture into your profile/avatar and pay for the card.

Requesting your card

1 Select register – it will be on the top left of the screen if you are not already logged in – enter your details including your picture.

2 Select Membership Levels then select level Events Drinks and Dancing Card. You will be taken to a page that will request your credit/debit card details. If you have a discount code please remember to enter it in the space provided. If your transaction is successful, your card will be available for collection in 10 days or less.

Collection of your card

You can collect your card from John Robinson the organiser at the next event that you attend. You may be asked to verify that you are who you say you are and to confirm collection with a sms or email. Only the person detailed on the card can collect the card. If you have any problems please post a message below with your question/s and/or comments.

Questions and comments arising below will be cleared periodically and fed into a FAQ section of this site.

If you do not want to register and you would like to send your information in separately you can use the following pay button. Please note discount codes are not applicable with this method and you will need to send in your details via email.

Link: See the benefits of having a members card


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