This is a small informal drinks, dancing and socialising get together. The objective is to make friends. Dress code: smart (as we don’t want to be restricted by door staff). No casual well worn jeans and t/shirts or hoodies please. We can/may end-up in a club where there is a 80s night(80s music all night).

Please RSVP or send the organiser a message if you will be attending. Its for members that are in there 30s – 50s and over.

Location has not been booked it’s just a good place to meet. If you are more than an hour late it’s probably not worth wile attending – we may have moved on…

Organisers contact details 0873200205 please don’t text or call more than 2 hours after the start of the event.

Our sponsors help events to be mostly free for attendees and offer members 5% discount on any call-out that you may need at work or at home cleaning, plumbing, electricians or hand-persons ( Otherwise offering excellent advice as regards what to consider when using/employing a cleaning, plumbing, electricians or hand-persons ( and enter your county in the search).

— Some attendees think why is it important to keep my RSVP up-to-date —

and the above “Sounds a little bit strict” I was told by an attendee – “even though its nice/enjoyable when you arrive and throughout the night.”

Its actually far from strict – its is a very casual/low stress/fun social experience 🙂 but it is important to remove members that RSVP and not attend (they dont even send the organiser a message saying they will not be attending). There are many good reasons but here are three:

• For the organiser it feels like they have arranged a party that no-one attends and then there is all the wasted time and effort.

• For the location – they have wasted time and effort and reserved a zone for nothing (displacing there usual customers needlessly). They will not want to repeat the experience.

• For other attendees – why have a visible list of RSVPs if its not really going to happen. Then it follows – why should any one RSVP…

There are many members that cant RSVP for particular reasons but they can let the organiser know in advance and the same for those that can not attend.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of other groups that may not mind no-shows but this organiser does so please dont turn-up without RSVPing and please RSVP if you will be attending. Its a small price to pay for a social night out – why is it even an issue…


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