Saturday Drinks and Dancing falls on Valentines Day this year. So lets celebrate it in style. Come and join us at our sociable Valentin Party, be good to yourself or someone else its about:

• Meeting friends and soon to be friends

• Or bring your valentine

• Or finding yourself a valentine 🙂

• Or inviting someone you like that you would like to know better  🙂

Ware something to do with the theame if you can red may be the colour of choice to express love/valentine. Or even come in valentine fancy dress.

Send your friends or valentine a link to this page if you think they would like a good party 🙂 or if you would like to see them at the party.

Dress code: Smart/Best casual or valentine fancy dress

Admission: 7 euro per person (10 euro after 10:30pm)

You can pay at the door on the night or purchase a ticket on line.www, or

We have the club exclusively between 8:00pm to 11:00 after which others may join us. But if you arrive after 10:30 you will have to pay 10 euro entrance fee and you may find it difficult to identify all our members. So come as close to 8pm as you can.

If you arrive around 8pm or 9pm you will only be charged 5 euro and you will receive free finger food.

We will have a great environment to socialise in for the first few hours and then when others join us we will know who is in our group and be able to socialise and dance into the early hours.

If enough people request it before 11:00 I will arrange an after party which will start at around 2am 🙂

Introductions – As we may only have our own area exclusively for about an 3 hours so its important that you arrive as early as you can so that you get to meet/know other attendees. Many members say that they “have a great time because even after the public are mingling with us we know who is in the group” and its much easier to chat/dance and socialise with them. If you arrive late I can still point-out and introduce you to many of our group but its not as easy.

8pm – 9pm is NEWBE Hour 🙂 All members are welcome but the organisers focus will be on the new comers i.e. People that are first/second timers – those that have not attended one of our events before and/or not attended a meetup event previously.

Is this event close too or on your birthday? – If yes and you want to have a inclusive party. Let me know (send me an email or text) also send your friends a link to this page, ask them to rsvp, we can all celebrate it with you 🙂

Feel free to show the door staff your Events Drinks and Dancing members card to avoid queues and get any discounts that may be available.

Keeping you informed

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Receive an SMS/text when we are out – I often send out a group text to say where we will be on for an event or if I am out and anyone wants to join me/us for a drink/chat. If you would like to be on this list please send an SMS to 0870 200205 with your full name and “Text Me Please”

If you have any problems please let me know via an email/message or sms 0873200205.


Bookings are closed for this event.


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