Each week we will meet in a different central Dublin bar/pub for conversations and cocktails. You don’t really have to have cocktails, there will be a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Its all about socialising perhaps meeting new people (soon to be friends) or catching up with existing friends. This event will usually finish around 10:30 or 11pm, at this point the Plus part of the night begins, its described below.

Note: Please don’t just show up rsvp to let us know you are coming, if you can not rsvp let the organiser know also see the sections below’keeping it real’

PLUS 🙂 – The second part of the night (for those that do not have an early start the next day) starting at 11pm will be in a bar/club where we can drink, dance and talk. Wherever we go we will try to remain together as it all about socialising with other members. Good clean fun 🙂

My advice “drink responsibly” 🙂

If you RSVP we will be looking out for you, so please keep your RSVP up-to-date.

Our sponsors help events to be mostly free for attendees and offer members 5% discount on any call-out that you may need at work or at home cleaning, plumbing, electricians or hand-persons (https://solidservicegroup.com/dublin/). Otherwise offering excellent advice as regards what to consider when using/employing a cleaning, plumbing, electricians or hand-persons (ie.emergencycallout.org and enter your county in the search).

This is a free event. But the late bar/club charges 5 euro entrance if you arrive later than 9pm get there earlier and its free to entre. So at 8:30 I will ask all that attend if they would like to move on to the late bar and the majority decision will be followed i.e. if you arrive a little late (after 8:30) and we are not there we may be at/on-our-way to the second venue. You can find out where we are by texting/calling me on 0873 200205.

Please be aware: Try to leave with/when the organiser asks you too. Previously persons have deiced to catch-up later. When they arrived at the second location they proceeded to argue with the door staff about not being let in for free (if they had remained with the group they would have entered for free) the management got to hear about the dispute and now none of our group can get in for free. So please stay with the organiser if possible and be aware of persons with a selfish attitude.

Keeping it real – It has become standard (in some groups) for some people will rsvp and then not attend (this is what we call a ‘no-show’). When you RSVP we to look forward to seeing you. So please do RSVP and if you find you can not make it please update your RSVP. If you can not attend and you can not update your RSVP then, at the very least, you should send the organiser a message.

Many groups do not mind no-shows but we do. So if possible please keep your RSVP up-to-date. Persons that are seen as multiple no-shows with no communication to the organiser, will firstly be removed from the mailing list and then subsequently the group.


Bookings are closed for this event.


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